Soul Winning Action Team

Soul Winning Action Team!

The Statement of Purpose 

The Abundant Grace Embassy's Soul Winning Action Team is designed to fulfill the top priority of the church, which is the great commission given by Jesus, our Lord and Savior to go out, seek the lost, and make disciples. It is with compassion that we have committed our lives to reaching out to the community and reclaiming those that are spiritually wounded, battered, sick, discouraged, and those that have lost hope and are ignorant of God’s love and success for their live.


To develop leaders who will impact our community and provide hope as we help transform lives.

Our mission is to minister to hurting people to help them achieve wholeness. We are the arms of Abundant Grace Embassy church, and as our Brother’s Keeper we will bring people to Christ.

To achieve our mission the S.W.A.T. Team has focused their attention on the following ministries:

Door- to- Door 

To seek out those who are lost in our neighboring communities.


The purpose of this ministry is to provide spiritual and mental guidance, as we interact socially and physically with the homeless, in order to restore them back into society.

My Brother's Keeper

A  mentoring program to partner people from the outreach ministries with a ‘willing’ Abundant Grace Embassy’s member who will be their spiritual mentor.

Rehabilitation and Nursing Home

The purpose of this ministry is to ensure the salvation of persons during their time of uncertainty and provide spiritual encouragement through the Word of God and prayer.


The Prison Ministry is to introduce Christ to the incarcerated, both the unsaved and backslider, through encouragement and spiritual support.


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